About Peter Neil

I am an Obstetrician specialising in High Risk Pregnancy. I finished my medical degree at the University of Melbourne in 1996, and after a short time in General Practice I then went on to train as a specialist Obstetrician through Monash Health.

I pursued my interest in managing complicated pregnancy by completing Fellowship years in maternal-fetal-medicine (MFM), looking after the highest risk pregnancies as well as developing expertise in fetal ultrasound, and complicated vaginal births such as twins, rotational forceps and breech deliveries.

I have an appointment as a consultant at Monash Health in the highest risk pregnancy (MFM) clinic and am head of unit of the multiple pregnancy/preterm birth clinic. I run a fortnightly clinic to turn babies from breech to head-first presentation (ECV).

My cover group for private obstetrics consists of Dr Amanda Ward, Prof Ryan Hodges, Dr Annie Kroushev, Dr Kirsten Palmer and Dr Danielle Wilkins. I care for pregnancies at Jessie McPherson and Cabrini Private Hospitals as well as Private-in-Public at Monash Medical Centre.

Clinic Details
tel.9544 5167 • fax.9562 9691
page.9387 1000
Suite 7, Monash House
271 Clayton Road
Clayton 3168
East Malvern
Cabrini Mother and Baby Centre, 181 Wattletree Road